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Anonymous, Wiki-Leaks and the Freedom of Information


anonymous (Photo credit: the|G|™)

The beat of the battlefield drum pierces the peace of everyday life, but this battle is not one of bloodshed and death but instead is a war for the minds of the masses.  It is an information war which each and every person plays a significant role.  We are currently witnessing the cries of a dying system which clutches for dear life onto the hearts and minds of a wavering public.  It is a public that used to hang upon the drama and poetics of political pageantry and media manipulation.  It is a public now thrown into an ocean of information which no longer adheres to, nor relies upon the antiquated practices of politics and media.   This is a new sea of information, an unfettered truth which pours forth and peels back the many layers of opinion and speculation and lays waste to contradiction and confusion.

This is a post-Wikileaks world that is familiar with Julian Assange, Anonymous, Bradley Manning and Aaron Swartz.  The heroes of our post-modern world are being found and formed in the most unlikely of places.  We are in the era of rogue journalism like that of Wikileaks and political vigilantism as we have seen by the hidden keystrokes of Anonymous and it’s 250,000 plus members that have decided to pursue truth instead of the next big headline.  The people have spoken and what they want to say is “Dear Establishment, We no longer believe you!!!”  This is not a government for the people and by the people but instead a government pitted against its people in an attempt to hold onto its fading power.  The real power is in the truth and that truth now lies in the hands of “The People” to whom it belongs.  The information is the new real world manifestation of  the law, the blind justice which seeks to balance the scales.  These scales which have been tipped one too many times by the hands of the wealthy and powerful. This “information,” this “justice,” will shine its light upon the prince and pauper alike.  We have seen the vastness of its reach from diplomat to denizen, with stories like Wikileaks exposing  government complacency by publicizing United States Diplomatic cables and more recently with Anonymous exposing injustice in a small town of Stubenville that closed its eyes to a local high school “rape crew “ that had hidden behind the veil of local law enforcement.

This is a new world inextricably linked with the tsunami of information which it finds itself immersed.  For better or worse we will ride this new wave of disclosure to its end, and both government and citizen alike will have to bend to its will.  This is the Pandora’s box of myth which once opened can no longer be secured.  The truth is in our midst and in the great battle for the minds of the people it will serve as our only weapon against the attacks of a dying establishment.  We will one day look back upon this time as the Great Information Revolution, a volatile moment in history whose leaders were held and tried for treason, because they stood for a new idea. An idea that all information should be open and free to all people; rich, poor, powerful and powerless.  We have all been born to this world via caste or circumstance but it is our freedoms and faculties which give rise to true Justice.  It is these gifts that we should craft and cultivate so as to build upon the foundation constructed by those giants who preceded us.  So turn off your television and begin thinking for yourself, realize your mind’s true potential, diversify your information chain and open your mind to the possibility that all that you know has been manufactured and manipulated.  Inform yourself and inform the world – become the truth you seek.

Just. B.

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