The Growing Hive and the Death of Hierarchy


In a world where opinion has begun to dominate the airwaves, the pursuit of Truth, for many,  has become an exercise in idealism.  A seemingly endless sea of talking heads and expert analysis has transformed the duality of true and false into a plurality of opinionated talking points.  To all points of view, there is a leveling of importance that is unfolding in this new paradigm.  Media, Politics and the populace are succumbing to the growing force of this new reality and each of us, is being devalued in the inflation of ideas. Words of leaders, no longer hailed in reverence, and conversely, the masses of under-privileged race to meet their counterparts in a power struggle the  world has never experienced.  In a court once held only by a privileged few, now stands both commoner and king, face to face, speaking with each other within a crowd of shifting beliefs.  A hum of ideas that is paralyzing real thought and stifling the voices of virtue and value.

Yes, it is true, for the first time in history, every person has a chance to voice their ideas and be heard, but as the normalization of power occurs we are faced with a new problem.  Who is telling the Truth? How much of what is being said is spin?  Is there anyone within the crowd whose opinions outweigh the others?  In our search for Truth we find ourselves drowning in a restless current of information that consumes more than it creates.  In this budding world of absolute equality the individual must surrender their individuality to the collective as this normalization of power ensues.  All become equally important and simultaneously equally nonessential in the process.  We all, must inhabit both realms in this new system, significant because the world has deemed it so, and insignificant because the voice of one becomes just another hum in the hive.

As the collective gains power and influence, hierarchy hangs in the gallows, and it is not just the people and those in power choking from the grip of the rope, but also our hierarchy of powerful ideas that are dying at the hands of a faceless crowd.  Truth, Equality, Individuality, Privacy, Justice and Freedom, all are reduced to the hum,  and all are becoming mere memories of a fading Enlightenment. For so long we have hailed these ideals as the pinnacle of human thought and progress, but now they are being sacrificed for the sake of a hive.  Fortunately, when humans are faced with a changing paradigm such as this, or their framework becomes the object of deconstruction, then there is a fight that begins,  a fight for the ideals and beliefs that we hold to be true.

This battle has already begun and although what we battle for has never really changed, the battlefield on the other hand changes by the instant.  The ground under our feet calls out for blood, and it is our choice as to whose blood will be shed in the battle for ideology.  We can either lay down our arms and surrender our beliefs to the sword or fight for our beliefs against the growing confusion of the collective unconscious. We must stand and raise our minds up to the fight for Freedom and Justice.  Let our beliefs not be subdued by the hum of the hive and let us embrace the importance of our individuality in the battle for our minds.

Stand up and Stand out.

Just. B.

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NDAA, Drone Strikes and the Death of Freedom


It could be argued that the United States began it’s descent decades ago, spiraling out of control into the depths of its own misconduct and manipulation.  But, there is one distinct moment that lives on in the collective memory that marks the fall of an Empire of Freedom & Justice, it was the moment on September 11, 2001 at 9:59 am when the south tower fell and with it fell the idealism and aspirations of a young country.  In that moment the world was united, but soon the whole world would witness the decline of an American century, the degradation of an American value system steeped in a long history of Justice, Equality & Freedom.

The next year would bring the Patriot Act and the establishment of the Guantanamo Bay Detention center. The trauma and tragedy of a single event would bring forth a new era of American oppression and like the shifting scenes of a bad dream, Americans would find themselves struggling to keep up with an ever-changing landscape of an American legal system that was slowly doing away with the Bill of Rights.  Propaganda would propel the delusions of an entire nation that struggled to believe that they still stood for Freedom and Justice.

Almost an entire decade would be dedicated to the pursuits of war and terror, but the Presidential elections of 2008 would bring a reinvigoration of hope to the nation.  Promises of peace and diplomacy were the rhetoric of the day, but time would soon turn the tide on the political pandering of the populace.  We have now come to witness what the peace and diplomacy of this administration has to offer. We continue to lose rights with draconian laws like that of the  NDAA with its indefinite detentions and the death of Habeus Corpus.

In addition to the provisions of the NDAA, drone strikes on foreign nations are stretching the limits of International humanitarian law and show blatant disregard for the Geneva Conventions.  Americans now stand knee deep in the blood of 4,700 dead from these drone strikes, 178 of which are dead children, while civilian deaths have been reported as high as 800.   If our declarations of war upon foreign nations were not enough, our leaders now deem it legal to use lethal force on American citizens on U.S. soil.

Following a 13 hour filibuster concerning this issue, Thursday Senator Rand Paul declared victory when he received notice from Attorney General Eric Holder that the President would not use lethal force on “non-combatant” United States citizens.  Unfortunately, I do not share Senator Paul’s enthusiasm, as this still leaves the door open for the possibility of lethal force against American citizens.  This elaborate dog and pony show only assumes the act of opposition and provides one more public presentation of legal justification for the unconstitutional acts of a despotic leadership.

This marks a new era in American politics.  The battlefield now on American shores and a declaration of war made by the Government against its own citizens.   With questionable war tactics and failed human rights policies we join the ranks of the oppressors of history, a new chapter in the book of tyrants who have made it their practice of showing indifference to the world.  Kings attempt to masquerade as common men, but no mask can hide the true intentions of a tyrant.  Freedom hangs in the gallows and the citizens of the world look on with disgust.  We must rise against the despotism of the new American war machine otherwise we too will hang alongside Freedom in the gallows.

Just. B.

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Anonymous, Wiki-Leaks and the Freedom of Information


anonymous (Photo credit: the|G|™)

The beat of the battlefield drum pierces the peace of everyday life, but this battle is not one of bloodshed and death but instead is a war for the minds of the masses.  It is an information war which each and every person plays a significant role.  We are currently witnessing the cries of a dying system which clutches for dear life onto the hearts and minds of a wavering public.  It is a public that used to hang upon the drama and poetics of political pageantry and media manipulation.  It is a public now thrown into an ocean of information which no longer adheres to, nor relies upon the antiquated practices of politics and media.   This is a new sea of information, an unfettered truth which pours forth and peels back the many layers of opinion and speculation and lays waste to contradiction and confusion.

This is a post-Wikileaks world that is familiar with Julian Assange, Anonymous, Bradley Manning and Aaron Swartz.  The heroes of our post-modern world are being found and formed in the most unlikely of places.  We are in the era of rogue journalism like that of Wikileaks and political vigilantism as we have seen by the hidden keystrokes of Anonymous and it’s 250,000 plus members that have decided to pursue truth instead of the next big headline.  The people have spoken and what they want to say is “Dear Establishment, We no longer believe you!!!”  This is not a government for the people and by the people but instead a government pitted against its people in an attempt to hold onto its fading power.  The real power is in the truth and that truth now lies in the hands of “The People” to whom it belongs.  The information is the new real world manifestation of  the law, the blind justice which seeks to balance the scales.  These scales which have been tipped one too many times by the hands of the wealthy and powerful. This “information,” this “justice,” will shine its light upon the prince and pauper alike.  We have seen the vastness of its reach from diplomat to denizen, with stories like Wikileaks exposing  government complacency by publicizing United States Diplomatic cables and more recently with Anonymous exposing injustice in a small town of Stubenville that closed its eyes to a local high school “rape crew “ that had hidden behind the veil of local law enforcement.

This is a new world inextricably linked with the tsunami of information which it finds itself immersed.  For better or worse we will ride this new wave of disclosure to its end, and both government and citizen alike will have to bend to its will.  This is the Pandora’s box of myth which once opened can no longer be secured.  The truth is in our midst and in the great battle for the minds of the people it will serve as our only weapon against the attacks of a dying establishment.  We will one day look back upon this time as the Great Information Revolution, a volatile moment in history whose leaders were held and tried for treason, because they stood for a new idea. An idea that all information should be open and free to all people; rich, poor, powerful and powerless.  We have all been born to this world via caste or circumstance but it is our freedoms and faculties which give rise to true Justice.  It is these gifts that we should craft and cultivate so as to build upon the foundation constructed by those giants who preceded us.  So turn off your television and begin thinking for yourself, realize your mind’s true potential, diversify your information chain and open your mind to the possibility that all that you know has been manufactured and manipulated.  Inform yourself and inform the world – become the truth you seek.

Just. B.

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Slaves, Servants & Serfs: The Privatization of the U.S. Prison System

Am I not a man emblem used during the campaign...

Our story begins in the year 1984 when a company by the name of Corrections Corporation of America took hold of the country’s very first full corrections facility contract for the state of Tennessee.  This would mark the beginning of a corporate takeover of our nations correctional system.  Since then, our country’s prison system has been turned into a for-profit money-making machine which continues to swallow up the economy’s number one resource-the people.  The prison stripes have now become the profits of the pin-stripes.  Prisoners are now the new-age slaves producing one of the fastest growing industries in the west.  This privatization of the prison system is a detriment to the future of our nation and is another example of corporate exploitation of humans to feed the greed of the few.

At the inception of this cultural catastrophe, in 1984 there were 395,309 inmates within 903 state-run correctional facilities in the United States according to a census by the Department of Justice.  In a census performed in 2005 they reported that those numbers had climbed to 1,430,208 prisoners within 1,821 correctional facilities.  In 2010 as the number one prison profiteers of the world, the inmate population in the U.S. had climbed to 2,266,832.  The amount of inmates over the past 28 years has increased almost 6 times what it was pre-privatization and currently private prisons only make up about half of the entire correctional system in the U.S.  We can only assume that there must be a correlation between this massive increase in incarceration and the proliferation of for-profit prison institutions here in the United States.  The question is will this trend continue and to what end?

In the early to mid 2000’s I was made privy to this injustice when a best friend of mine found himself caught within the United States correctional system.  Upon his release, he and I discussed at great length about the prison in which he resided, he explained how this particular prison made its prisoners milk cows for 25 cents per day, which the corporation/prison would then turn around and sell for a corporate profit on the wholesale market.  The 25 cents per day of course was never meant to leave the prison walls and served only as an incentive for prisoners to “work the land” so to speak in return for daily necessities such as soap, toothpaste, etc.  This of course was shocking, as I being young and naive had believed in a prison system that was at least partially interested in the rehabilitation of society’s fallen.  Unfortunately, this discovery implied a different sort of intention.  It was an intention rooted in greed and I wondered then, as I do now, how ethical such a system is and what ills can be generated from it in the future if left unattended.  What incentive does the corporation have in rehabilitating it’s slave labor force.  It would seem that the opposite would be preferred by these corporate crime profiteers, and that rehabilitation would be contrary to their for-profit model.

In a country where corporations fight for perpetual progress how are we to believe that the intentions of a privatized prison system are none other than the propagation of crime as a way to increase overall profitability.  To what extent are these companies willing to create new ways of increasing their profits and to what lengths will they go to protect their investment?  According to some estimates the three major private prison companies of the United States: CCA, GEO and CSC have spent around 45 million dollars over the past 10 years on lobbying.  What exactly are they spending their money on?  Do “We the People” have any say in this purchasing of legislative action?  Either way, it is clear that they intend to manipulate legislation to ultimately serve their own interests and not the collective interests of “the People.”

We live in a new era of corporate controlled serfdom which has paid the pockets of United States public servants-our leaders, in order to help establish a for-profit slave labor prison system.  This system continues to grow and with no end in sight, the imprisoning of our nation’s citizens has become big business.  With new legislation like the NDAA, the push for internet censorship, surveillance drones for U.S. streets and CCTV cameras being distributed throughout the country, it doesn’t seem too out of the realm of possibility that there will be rising profits in the coming years for companies like CCA.  And, with perpetual annual progress serving as a cornerstone of contemporary corporate ambitions, we can project as they might, that greater percentages of Americans in the near future will find themselves under the ownership of the department of corporate corrections, and it is only a matter of time that we, on a personal level will be either directly or indirectly affected by our governments collusion with these private slave owners.  This is a corporate conquest led by companies like CCA, which seek to exploit the human product to its fullest extent.

Over the past 18 years we have been witnessing the incremental imprisonment of “the land of the free” and it would seem our leaders  and their corporate controllers are laying waste to our Freedoms on a multitude of fronts, all for the purpose of the consolidation of wealth and power. So it is our moral responsibility once again to call for the abolishment of slavery in this country and #endprivateprisons, and the support thereof by our leaders.  If we are truly meant to be the “leaders of the free world” then it is of the utmost importance that we lead by example in all matters concerning human rights violations, even those matters which involve our  society’s fallen and ill-favored.  So let us all speak out against the privatization of the U.S. prison system and #EndPrivatePrisons & #AbolishModernSlavery.

Just. B.

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