Turmoil, R-evolution, & The Change

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Watch, Speak, Change… (Photo credit: kevindean)

We the People are incrementally losing our power at the hands of the wealthy Wall street swindlers, corrupt corporations and their political front men, who work tirelessly to strip every citizen of their rights, wealth, and privacy. Between banker bailouts and unconstitutional law-making, our government is slowly becoming a breeding ground for more corruption and the possibility of future tyranny. The Patriot Act was the first to blatantly strip American citizens of their Constitutional rights under George W. Bush’s watch, with its unconstitutional surveillance provisions. Recently, President Obama and others have taken this a step further with the signing of the NDAA, which allows the U.S. government to detain U.S. citizens indefinitely with no trial and no evidence.  We have TSA naked body scanners, and soon police departments and government agencies will have the legal right to fly unmanned drones to spy on the American people. There was once a time when our representative government bridged the gap between the people and their leaders, but that time has passed. We now are faced with a new era of “taxation without representation.” Albert Pike in the opening paragraph of his Magnus Opus Morals & Dogma explained that the people are much like gunpowder scattered across a field, that when lit, merely fizzles. He said that it was up to the guardians of society to pack the gunpowder into a small chamber, only then could the people’s power be at its fullest potential. It was this explosion of power, he said that drove real changes within society. Much like the alchemist believes that fire is the element of change, right now we are witnessing all of society ablaze with anger, frustration, and discontent. A new revolution is on the horizon, and it is my belief that, this new revolution hinges upon our continued ability to access information freely. The Internet and our ability to access, distribute, and consume information is the greatest development of human consciousness in our history. This new freedom is currently under attack, and a new struggle is underway, it is a struggle between the common man and woman and those that are in power who are fighting for the control of the information and knowledge. In a world of no privacy and full transparency, it is only right that We the People require the same transparency from those that supposedly rule us. We must keep a close watch on our politicians and law-makers, as we are on the fron lines of a great battle.

This attack upon the Internet and the freedom of information with SOPA, PIPA, TTP, etc. shows that our leaders do not want us to take part in the revolution of information, but instead want to own the airwaves and control what is said, read, and seen. We refuse your ownership, this is no longer the domain of an economic elite, but rather the domain of all humans. The internet provides a level playing ground for all who contribute and consume. It is a court for the prince and pauper to share common ground, it is human freedom in action, and it requires all involved to do their best to protect it. The great thinkers of the Age of Enlightenment in all their achievements could not have foreseen the troubles of our time. This of course does not imply we disregard that which has brought us thus far, but rather utilize what they contributed to mankind as our foundation for the free thought of the future.  Isaac Newton once said that the reason for his achievements was due to his ability to stand upon the shoulders of giants. We now stand upon the shoulders of giants, so it is up to us to decide what we do with such a place in history. Do we withdraw into the shadows of our fear and complacency, or do we stand to the call and work together as a unified movement fighting for our ability to access the dirty, raw and unforgiving truth. It is my hope that we all stand watch and squelch the flame that the guardians wish to light. We the People have the power to drive our own social change, and no longer do we need to be the pawns of princes and presidents.  Instead we must take our place of power as the One and the many, the individual and the collective, and use our voice as the catalyst for change. A change in humanity that gives equal precedence to all that speak, and champions only those who contribute to all of society, instead of those that hawk and hunt the meek. The World is ours to shape, but we must fight for our freedom to shape it, and work to shape a World of Equality and Justice.

Watch, Speak, Change.

Just. B.


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Evolutionary thought: The Self-Reflecting Universe in Action

Representation of consciousness from the seven...

Representation of consciousness from the seventeenth century. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The human consciousness is accelerating at a breathtaking speed. Our inventions have and are becoming extensions of our conscious mind. We are now able to watch the brain’s neural activity in real-time as the human baby is learning its first words with leading research from scientists like Patricia Kuhl. We are finding glitches in our system, limitations of our evolutionary stage. Unlike any other living being we are self-aware, and this self-awareness is allowing us the ability to see who and what we are, and we are intellectualizing about what we should be and could become.   Scientists predict that we are far away from our next great evolutionary step.  But I think we are knocking on its door, we are out-pacing our own evolution in the sense that we are waiting for the universe’s upgrade.  Natural selection seems to be experiencing a lag time and our self-awareness and the physical manifestations of our creative mind are pushing the boundaries of the natural world. What is more fascinating, is that the more refined our creations are becoming, the more and more they are looking like a complex organism. A social organism who’s greatest achievements are its ability to make tools and mould the natural world much in the same way a child moulds clay.  A microcosm of the macrocosm, the self-reflecting universe that is perpetuating an innate intelligence, and we are a mere outgrowth of the infinitely blooming flower of consciousness.  Geoffrey West of the Santa Fe institute speaks of our cities as having an underlying mathematical order to them, that the citizen is unaware that they are perpetuating in their seemingly spontaneous and unpredictable lives. Maybe, when we experience moments of Deja Vu, we are merely catching a glimpse into the self-replicating experiences of our ordered existence. Much like cymatics where we can visually experience resonating frequencies in liquid and sand, we are now beginning to see the patterns of our mind’s resonant frequencies in the natural world.  Just like with cymatics, when the pitch becomes higher, the geometric patterns in the sand become more complex and ornate.  So too is the resonance of our creativity and our consciousness creating more complex patterns which are becoming ever-increasingly more observable. Our purpose in this life is to dedicate ourselves to that which we are most passionate. We can consider it a call from the universe telling us what part we play in the self-perfecting process of existence.  We are most happy and useful to ourselves and our fellow organisms when we are fulfilling the call. We become the blooming flower, a reflection of the breathtaking beauty of all of existence.

Just. B.

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Politics & the Hope for the Power Potential of the People

The hour is drawing near for the Republican National Candidate to be chosen, and for the remaining candidates that have not made the grade to fall in line behind the Chosen “One”.  As the candidates seem to be tracking neck and neck, I can’t help but think about how archaic of a system that we are still giving credence to.  In a society that is built upon the notion of infinite choice, why are we still settling for just one candidate per party? Let all the candidates run and let the best man win, give us the infinite choice that we have grown accustomed to with the advent of social networking and the information of the internet.  Why have we settled merely on two parties to focus our attention on when there are up to forty parties in the race at any given time.

I am advocating “choice” and  I am not advocating for any one candidate in this race, because it is my belief that each one of them are sad representations for the people. They are stuck in a time that does not sync up with the philosophy of the society we are living in.  Because, they still believe that we believe in them, when the truth is we are only hanging upon shreds of hope- that maybe a new hero will be delivered.  We have been brought up to idolize great leaders in history i.e. Ghandi, Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, etc.  It is our hope that a new hero will rise from the rabble, but it is our everyday experience that leaves much to be desired; they disappoint, lie, cheat, and scratch their way to power.  They as leaders have begun to idolize themselves, and they believe the lie that “they” are our heroes.

A new era has begun, it is an era where the people have more power than any previous moment in history.  Through social networking the individual has the ability to have a conversation with the famed and the feeble alike.  It is this individual power which can focus its attention on people power movements on the other side of the globe, and take part in the intellectual revolution as a mass.  It will be this power, once realized that will reshape how we choose our leaders.  This will become the new vote, but instead of a vote that re-occurs every four years, our voice will be heard in real-time, and our government will have to adapt in real-time.

In the “Age of Information” choice has become King.  The playing field is being leveled in terms of who has the right to give the information, and the people are playing an ever-increasing role in the administering and consuming of that information.  We are standing on the edge of a freshly made grave for Corporate media, which will mark the beginning of a great battle between the people and the Corporations which have had a stronghold on our Government for quite some time now.  A Government that is supposed to be comprised “of the people”, is more so comprised of corporations, lobbyists, and company front men.

So with our newly realized power and freedom why is it that we still allow the corporate establishment to dictate to us leaders that do not mirror the intellectual movement of the masses.  We are living in a time not much different from that of the forefathers of this country, in the sense that no longer does our government properly represent the ideas and beliefs of the people that they supposedly govern and control.  It is this supposed control that begs to limit the freedom of choice and ideas that we are learning to harness day by day.  We will look back on this moment and recall the battle horn call across the internet with movements like that of SOPA, PIPA, Kony, and others that mark the beginning of a true “power movement of the people”.  This is at least my hope, that we will realize our potential and stop handing over our personal individual sovereignty to people who only have their personal wealth and success in mind.  The search for Truth, the exercise of Freedom, and the goal of social Justice shall light the way.

Just. B.

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