Tacloban Disaster Relief Fund

Tacloban Disaster Relief Fund

Given the recent destruction in Tacloban city, Philippines following Typhoon Haiyan, my Family and I have decided to start this fundraiser to help the people that have been affected by this devastating storm. Our goal of $2,000.00 will go towards the purchase of food and clothing to be donated to the families in need in the region.

With family and friends in the Philippines, we felt it is our responsibility to do all we can to help out, by pooling our resources and the people we know to try and bring some sort of relief to the victims of this tragedy.

Our plan is to dedicate $1,000.00 towards rice and other dried foods, while the remaining $1,000.00 will go to purchasing clothing. Having a network of contacts in the Philippines we will be working directly with volunteers who will help in distributing the goods to the people in Tacloban city. We will be posting updates, pictures and videos of the distribution of your donations as they are available.

Any help is greatly appreciated as it is our hope to meet and/or exceed our goal so we can help those who need it most! Thanks for your time and your help in this effort to help the families of Tacloban City Philippines!

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