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Cultivate and Create the Dreams You Anticipate


Dream Goes On

Dream Goes On (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Welcome to the end, what has all the fuss been about? The end is not loud, just a silent truth in the back.  It looks the same as it always has, just a life and a dream.  A dream sometimes neglected in hopes of something better to be gained.  “The best come to those who wait” they say.   But a lifetime of wait, leaves only regret at the wake.  Welcome to the end of the World, there is no way out, just a silent empty room and a choice.   A choice we will all have to face.  A choice to hide eyes from indecency and inaction, or  take responsibility for the life we have manufactured.  It is time we open our eyes and acknowledge the truth, that we only have one chance, to do it right in this life.  Do something great and all your dreams may come true, but hide from yourself and all it has been is a ruse.  If it is the end of the world that you anticipate, then it is true, all good things do come to those who will wait.  But there is something much richer if you are willing to act, a dream manifested that has forever impact.  We all can make a difference upon the world if we choose but it requires some action, so don’t sit around and think but stand up and just do.  We cannot continue waiting around for the change we anticipate, but instead must become change and create something great.  Change your mind, change your life and subsequently you will change the world.  Out of the ashes of the old, the new world will arise.   It is a world that inspires others to rise and remove their disguise.   Test the boundaries of  belief and walk outside the lines of your cultural confines.  Deconstruct all the lies that have been given to you and manifest your own understanding of what it is you must do.  Stop with all the answers and start questioning everything, because the truth is, none of us really know anything. Let go of your silly assumptions about the nature of reality, embrace your ignorance and let go of the insanity.   While you ride on this rock around the light of a million nuclear explosions, take a moment to bask in the rays of pure astonishment.   Cultivate a new consciousness, free from lies and deceit, become the center of your Universe and take a moment to breathe.  You are the Truth and all things emerge from pure action and although it is important to reflect, the true beauty is in the act.  So get out and change the world everyday, this is the real truth of our existence, this is our playground so get out and play.


Just. B.


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Transcending the Womb

Fear Graffiti

Fear Graffiti (Photo credit: Michael Kappel)

Many of us hide from the world our best, our most honest, and the most interesting aspects of our personality. We hide from the world out of fear, a fear that paralyzes us into inaction. Instead of choosing that which is the pinnacle of our potential, we instead choose a life of familiarity and indecision. This fear is deep within the crevices of our souls and manifests itself in pivotal decisions in our lives as a sort of safety mechanism. It is a learned response to previous trauma, as a way of protecting us from the unknown. The trauma of being birthed into a world of unfamiliarity. A world full of strange faces, bright lights and the unrevealed. We yearn to return to the womb, the cozy world of invisibility and dependence. Our inaction and indecision, our familiar dependence is the manifestation of our fear, to be seen. I can remember as a child the fear. It was the fear of monsters and ghosts in my closet or under my bed. I can remember waking from terrifying nightmares, paralyzed with fear. Hiding within the folds of my blanket, hoping to not be seen by something out there in my room of shadows. Eventually, I would begin to strain to breathe underneath the weight of the hot blanket. I would crack an opening and feel the cool air pour into my lungs. Slowly gaining the courage I would peer with one eye into the unknown from behind the folds, i would hope the monsters would not catch me in my moment of courage. This courage would begin to build until I would scream out for my Father to rescue me from my fear. I can still recall the elation I would feel as I heard his footsteps draw closer to my bedroom door.

The monsters of the unknown haunt the decisions of our lives. For myself there have been many times in my life that I was faced with great opportunities which required a healthy dose of vulnerability. It required that I take a chance and either fail and make a fool of myself or succeed and achieve greatness. There is always a point of no return that many times paralyzes us into indecision, to stay in the womb of inaction, to hide under our blanket of justifications. In my own life, any time that I chose to not step into the unknown out of fear, I would look back on those decisions believing that my ideas of success were merely childish desires that were unattainable. The truth is, is that we make excuses to mask our fear of failure and success. Our dreams are unattainable, only because we do not transcend from our fears, into the world of the unknown. If we would only pull back the blanket, we would realize that it is just another room. In order for us to achieve we must make a fool of ourselves, be vulnerable, expose our true nature to the world, and only then can we grow as humans. Our monsters are immaterial shadows of our sub-conscious mind presenting us with an infinite amount of reasons why doing nothing is the best practice. There is a good possibility that we all only get one chance at this life, and so it is up to each of us to transcend our indecision and inaction and become our greatest, our most honest and interesting. Become the people we dream to be.

Just. B.

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Love: A Question for the World Citizen


experiencing (Photo credit: yoghaert)

The world this past week following Obama and Biden’s advocacy Of gay marriage has been faced with questions about the true nature of love, and what it means to us all in the 21st century…

Love, is the embrace of your parents, it is that love, that is wholly interested in your happiness and well-being. It is that hug which as you get older, you begin to realize is so precious. We are all longing to connect and feel that unconditional love that we had as children. Love is also a bittersweet battle between ego and compromise. It is a battle which can leave many of us with different views about what love truly is, and how we should express it. We are only mere reflections of our experience and although many of our experiences with love have been unforgetably beautiful, they have also been helter-skelter as well. There are many ways in which we extrude our experiences into the world, and love can manifest itself in a variety of different ways, dependent on our individual experiences.

Some of us, have embraced the unknown and gone headlong into the world of love, while others have reeled from the arena due to the pain and struggle of previous experience, others still, out of fear have tried to place confines upon the nature of love. They have tried to place rules and limits upon the institution of love and marriage in hopes to impress upon the rest of us their worldview. Many times we believe that if everyone adopts our way of living and thinking, this will some how give us confidence about our own choices and beliefs. But, as I have said before our choices and beliefs are mere reflections of our experience and no two are the same. They are a sort of cultural fingerprint upon the soul. It is our uniqueness which is a representation of our beauty, and it is these differences that should be embraced, not shoned. I, and my opinions are of course not the perfect representation of how love should be expressed, but neither is anyone else’s for that matter. We are all stumbling through our existence trying to understand who we are, and at the same time hoping to try and share our experience with another human being along the way.

The act of loving and showing love for another human being should not only be a right but a requirement. In a world riddled with hatred and war, shouldn’t we all be looking for more ways to better our society? How is it we can be so generous with our hatred and disgust but be so stingy when it comes to giving our love to others. In many ways we are misers of our love, holding onto our riches in hopes to find the right person to spend it on. When we find that love, that harkens back to that unconditional love of our parents, shouldn’t we hang onto it for dear life. Should we not be allowed to express it to its utmost expression? Should we really place rules and confines upon the most beautiful of human expressions? How do we reconcile our beliefs in freedom, when we try to place limits on how we are allowed to express our emotions with and for each other? “Love is all you need” as the Beatles sang, it is that which binds us all to each other. We are all the same essence moving within the confines of different “flesh-vehicles” as comedian Joe Rogan so eloquently explains. To love, is to recognize this truth hidden within each other and give our hearts to one another in hopes of creating a better existence. We should all be allowed to take part in the betterment of our society and existence, as well as play a role in the proliferation of the greatest of human expressions.

Just. B.

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Evolutionary thought: The Self-Reflecting Universe in Action

Representation of consciousness from the seven...

Representation of consciousness from the seventeenth century. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The human consciousness is accelerating at a breathtaking speed. Our inventions have and are becoming extensions of our conscious mind. We are now able to watch the brain’s neural activity in real-time as the human baby is learning its first words with leading research from scientists like Patricia Kuhl. We are finding glitches in our system, limitations of our evolutionary stage. Unlike any other living being we are self-aware, and this self-awareness is allowing us the ability to see who and what we are, and we are intellectualizing about what we should be and could become.   Scientists predict that we are far away from our next great evolutionary step.  But I think we are knocking on its door, we are out-pacing our own evolution in the sense that we are waiting for the universe’s upgrade.  Natural selection seems to be experiencing a lag time and our self-awareness and the physical manifestations of our creative mind are pushing the boundaries of the natural world. What is more fascinating, is that the more refined our creations are becoming, the more and more they are looking like a complex organism. A social organism who’s greatest achievements are its ability to make tools and mould the natural world much in the same way a child moulds clay.  A microcosm of the macrocosm, the self-reflecting universe that is perpetuating an innate intelligence, and we are a mere outgrowth of the infinitely blooming flower of consciousness.  Geoffrey West of the Santa Fe institute speaks of our cities as having an underlying mathematical order to them, that the citizen is unaware that they are perpetuating in their seemingly spontaneous and unpredictable lives. Maybe, when we experience moments of Deja Vu, we are merely catching a glimpse into the self-replicating experiences of our ordered existence. Much like cymatics where we can visually experience resonating frequencies in liquid and sand, we are now beginning to see the patterns of our mind’s resonant frequencies in the natural world.  Just like with cymatics, when the pitch becomes higher, the geometric patterns in the sand become more complex and ornate.  So too is the resonance of our creativity and our consciousness creating more complex patterns which are becoming ever-increasingly more observable. Our purpose in this life is to dedicate ourselves to that which we are most passionate. We can consider it a call from the universe telling us what part we play in the self-perfecting process of existence.  We are most happy and useful to ourselves and our fellow organisms when we are fulfilling the call. We become the blooming flower, a reflection of the breathtaking beauty of all of existence.

Just. B.

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The 99% – A Voice of Change in a World of Inequality

Social change label

Social change label (Photo credit: Aleksi Aaltonen)

I have spent the past few years focusing much of my energy on trying to understand who is at fault for the economic oppression that is perpetrated on the impoverished in this country and the world. The economic crash has only fueled the fire, and although many times I have felt hopeless in my attempts at finding an answer I have continued. I have pointed fingers at many global leaders, politicians, corporations, and others, but still feel as though in my heart I have not resolved anything. I feel like many people feel, as if somehow I have been swindled but can’t quite figure out by who or how, as if arriving home we are met with the harsh reality of being robbed. The Occupy movement has catapulted the notion of the 99% into the global consciousness. The idea is that 1% of the population controls the majority of the worlds wealth, while the other 99% of us are left fighting for their scraps. This of course is not a new idea, Karl Marx dealt with this in his communist manifesto, but it is still an idea which is attempting to place focus upon an economic imbalance amongst the global population that has far reaching effects. The problem I see with the approach of Marx is that the only way out of our economic dilemma is for the proletariat to overcome their servitude to the bourgeoisie by uprising against the controllers. The problem that comes from this idea, is that it only gives responsibility to the proletariat to right the wrong while simultaneously objectifying the bourgeoisie. So with this approach, the bourgeoisie become a faceless catalyst for change a sort of anti-hero for the proletariat. Unfortunately the world is multi-faceted and not two dimensional and this requires the action of all players to help make a change.

Corporations, governments, etc. are not merely automatons following a specified program, but rather are a social network of moral individuals cohesively working towards a projected goal. This means that each individual plays an integral role in the moral choices of that entity. The problem with labeling these dominant groups i.e. bourgeoisie, the man, the 1%, etc. is that we remove the guilt from the actions of each individual involved. It becomes a mask which hides the identities of those that are perpetuating the problem. The problem truly lies in the makeup of the system which has been devised by greedy individuals, and once the system is in motion it takes those within as well as outside the system to make a conscious effort to change it for the better. Power unchecked whether it be political or economic leads to despotism, and whether it is a economic or political despotism the outcome is still the same- Social inequality, cronyism, injustice, etc.

We can see economic oppression all over the world, and much of what we see stems from first world nations oppressing third world nations and draining them of natural resources while demanding cheap labor and a tight lip. To explain in simple terms how this relationship works, the first world executes a sort of financial takeover of a country rich in natural resources through numerous efforts. One of the ways is through lending financial resources to the neighboring country on interest. The interest rate of course is such, that the borrowing nation will be reduced to a state of perpetual debt. In return for first world kindness the newly third world nation becomes an indentured servant to the dominant nation. The first world nation then utilizes the countries resources for the consumption of luxury goods; coffee, sugar, tobacco, diamonds, ipads, televisions, and the list goes on and on. The first world then sells back these goods to the third world at an inflated price. So the goods that they produce, they are forced to purchase at a higher price then what is given to their overlords while simultaneously earning substandard wages. With this sort of system in place, we can see how it is nearly impossible for the third world nations to rise above the status quo. This economic warfare model is not isolated to first and third world nations, but also permeates every facet of the world economy. This is why Foxconn workers spend all of their daylight hours slaving over iPads much like the one I am typing this post on, to be made as an inexpensive luxury item for us to enjoy and for them to never see and experience. But it is also arrogant for us to believe that somehow we are not caught in the same rat race here as well. All of us are fighting for scraps, and the wealthy continue to consolidate their wealth, while we pay the bill.

All of us have a role to play in the beautification of our society; some of us are protesters, some are spectators, some fight, while some are meant to stand witness. All of us now have the ability to witness injustice as it is happening in real time and we also have a voice, this voice carries a lot of weight, more than it ever has in history. With this voice, comes a responsibility to our fellow men and women. If there is injustice we must bear witness and use our voice to spread the word and in turn shine a light on the cockroaches that are perpetuating the injustices. All of us deserve the chance to have a better life. Our voice must be the catalyst for social change and that better life and those in power become merely our tools for that change. We the 99% become the writers of the program and the 1% become our tools to execute that which we have written. The change must come from all of us, not just one side, but both. We can no longer be non-active participants in the global society. Instead of being merely consumers we must also be producers of positive social change. We must all hold each other accountable for how we treat one another and not hide behind the mask of a corporation, government, etc. In a world that is increasingly less and less private, we must require the same transparency that the controllers ask of us. Raise our voice and shine our light for social justice and equality. Let us become the change that we long for, let reality be an unfolding of our greatest hopes and ideas, and let us become our greater self.
Just. B.

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Limits of infinity: the poetic meanderings of a dreamer

We as humans try to place boundaries upon the boundless, in an attempt to understand the true nature of reality.  Our attempts to limit the infinite nature of our universe, leaves our perception in a perpetual state of conflict.  It is this conflict that assists in the creative nature of our being.   Just as a picture captures an increasingly forgettable moment of our experience, so too, do our definitions and distinctions concerning our existence fall flat in terms of properly conceptualizing the ever-changing textures of our reality.  But it is through our language that we manifest our thoughts from the ether of our unconscious into the patterned structures of our conscious mind so as to limit the infinite and bring our ideas into reality.  It would seem though that our thoughts are reaching an event horizon, where the limitations that we have grown accustomed to placing upon the world are dissolving and our ability to distinguish the boundary and the boundless is beginning to blur.  Our intellect is pressing against the interiors of the intellectual superstructures of our mind.  We are beginning to become aware on a global scale to the limitlessness that we now see on the horizon of our unconscious mind.  This limitlessness that we once could only materialize through language is now manifesting itself within our reality and no longer can our language wall in and conceal our reflection.  Instead we will strain to find the right words to explain our experience and we will drift into an ineffable abyss of our minds creation. The Dream…

Just. B.

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