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NSA Documents Revealed Doc. 2

NSA Documents Revealed Doc. 2

Procedures used by NSA to minimize data collection from US persons: Exhibit B – full document

The documents detail the procedures the NSA is required to follow to target ‘non-US persons’ under its foreign intelligence powers – and what the agency does to minimize data collected on US citizens and residents

NSA Documents Revealed Doc. 1

NSA Documents Revealed Doc. 1

Procedures used by NSA to target non-US persons: Exhibit A – full document

Top-secret documents show Fisa judges have signed off on broad orders allowing the NSA to make use of information ‘inadvertently’ collected from domestic US communications without a warrant

Politics, Protests and the People: An Evolution of Political Influence

Taksim Square Protest

The recent events of NSA spying, the scandal of IRS targeting, Obama’s drone wars and the Taksim Square protests in Turkey have only helped to further illuminate the growing rift between the global political system and it’s People. We the people of the world have become a caged bird squawking at our freedom through the bars of our conditioning.  The People’s hopes have been hung out to dry, becoming tattered and torn in the winds of a so-called “change”. In the ashes of our disappointment, a renovated “hope” will once again rise to be sold in its place. Continuing the conversation and further sustaining our controller’s financial and political pursuits for another 4 to 8 years. Faced with this disappointment there are still many conditioned citizens, fiends of a fraudulent Freedom, which continue to be doped up and addicted to an illusion of social progress, awaiting their next fix of political heroes and heroines.  And while many will likely rush out to the polls next election to get a fix of gender equality, as female hopefuls like Hillary Clinton and others make their way to the main stage, there is fortunately a growing number of individuals that have begun to recognize the political pageantry and posturing put forth by our so-called leaders of the free world.  How long will we allow these pushers of pre-packaged progress to hold sway over our ideas and beliefs?

This culture of corruption in the world has climbed to new heights and has begun breaking down the controls and conditioning that have captured the hearts of the people for far too long.  The credibility of our controllers has become laughable and the people are beginning to look to their leaders with disdain and disbelief, rather than with pride and praise.  Everyday we come ever closer to the realization that no one can represent us, in the same way that we can represent ourselves. A new evolution in human consciousness is upon us and we look to new ways to break old molds.  Information will be our saving grace in our pursuit for true democracy, in this political landscape which hinges upon the deceptive practices of its contributors.

As the democratization of information continues to revolutionize the cultural constructs of yesterdays past, we stand on the cusp of a new epoch in the intellectual development of the human species and thankfully 2 Billion plus people around the world are now apart of a global conversation.  A conversation which informs, entertains, and documents the story of the people.  The technological manifestations of our intellect are changing the ways with which we interact with each other and the world.  American engineer and Intel entrepreneur Peter Diamandis has explained that new technologies will soon democratize production globally, leading to a new paradigm of abundance. In this same thread we are seeing a democratization of political power and influence as well, which is leading to an abundance of information and innovation. The death of history lies on the horizon as the global village begins to document their own story, narrating their own past, present and future, free from the hands of a dominant class.

While this normalization of power proliferates, it continues to present new and unexpected challenges for the political paradigm of our global society. We as a collective are beginning to realize the true nature of our influence and are beginning to exercise that influence as a path to political, social and economic change. Modern finance is evolving as we attempt to free it from the bondage of banking institutions and government controls with the advent of new money technologies like that of Bitcoin.The internet is developing new voices which have never before been heard, that now echo across the airwaves and inhabit the brainwaves of street rats and fat cats alike.

Change is in the chatter, so let us join the conversation and evolve. Our growing collective is manifesting new realities by the minute which we then reinvent, refine and re-define for the global community.  This global conversation is projecting new ideologies everyday into the ether of the internet for each of us to consume, transform, and re-innovate for further reproduction.  We are living on the cusp of an intellectual infinite where every person on the earth will have the ability to access information, incorporate innovations, and proliferate their own progress into the human story being laid out in front of us all. We are here to bear witness to a great revolution in the human spirit where a change of guard awaits us, in a future of self-representation and self-expression. So let us create our place in the hallways of history, by speaking the Truth, fighting for Freedom and collectively developing a reality which reflects the true nature of our ideals.  Tune out of the Tyranny, turn onto the Truth and drop out of a system that has nothing to do with who you are.  Stand for yourself and for those around you, and let us change the world.

Just. B.

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Food, Politics, and the March Against Monsanto


The seeds of a multi-billion dollar corporate coupe de tat have been sown in the fields of our political landscape. Our government, bought by an industry that continues to feed poison to the masses, while our leaders feed lies to the People. The poisoning of our environment, our food, and now our politics is at the hands of Monsanto, the Agricultural Biotech giant who is responsible for one of the world’s largest supplies of genetically modified organisms and genetically engineered seed products. Providing some of the largest food companies in the world with these genetically engineered products, including household names such as Coca-Cola, General Mills, Nabisco, and others. Monsanto has long been a source of criticism and controversy due to the unsavory tactics it adopts while fighting family owned farms and grass roots food producers over ownership rights of their engineered seeds. In addition to their bullying of small time suppliers, and producing GMO’s they are also known for their infamous products like DDT and Agent Orange, both of which have had devastating effects on humans and the environment with no initial oversight.

In March of this year, bill  H.R. 933  also known as the Monsanto Protection Act written by Monsanto Sponsored Senator Roy Blunt, was signed into law by President Obama, and as the ink stained the page, so too would our long legacy of upholding the Law and Justice also be stained, once again by the hands of the  corrupted. So now with the signing of this bill, Monsanto finds themselves in another firestorm of controversy surrounding the new law which protects them and their farmers from litigation, if adverse health effects stem from their engineered products. Given the track record of poisons made by Monsanto and the devastation it has previously caused the world, it is extremely irresponsible for our government to now allow this company to continue producing new products without government oversight and the fear of legal repercussions.   H.R.933 is just another example in a long list of corporate driven bills that have passed the desks of our leaders in an attempt to give unnecessary protections to multi-billion dollar corporations, against the will of the People.

“We the People” continue to lose out to the Way of the Profit.  Perpetual Progress continues to hold the reigns of a world which consists of limited resources and unlimited desires, with profit-hungry companies like Monsanto continuing to push science towards a world of abundance.  Although the abundance they seek, is in direct contrast to the interests and the will of the People. To answer the call, the People’s growing voice of dissent has caught the ears of at least one politician who attempted this week on Thursday to repeal the measure in H.R. 933 that grants Monsanto and others this unwarranted protection.  Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon offered an amendment to the bill which was immediately halted by Monsanto employee-Senator Blunt and others.  In addition to the failing amendment the U.S. Senate has just shot down a bill to label GMO foods, a measure that has been adopted by Europe, Brazil, Australia and many others. Our government continues to show its favor for the will of the corporation over the will of the people, further illustrating a greater problem that is growing throughout the world. It is the problem of corporate-controlled dictatorship-style governance which has become a poison to the global political landscape.

So in response to this growing problem over 200,000 in 40 countries will gather this weekend to protest against the food giant and stand up against corporate despotism.  We must all join the effort against these titans and show our support for a change in how our food is produced.  We must also begin to represent ourselves instead of allowing politicians to represent corporate interests.  So Stand and Be Heard!  March Against Monsanto at your local city hall today May 25th, 2013 at 2pm EST.  Join the Movement!

Just. B.

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The Growing Hive and the Death of Hierarchy


In a world where opinion has begun to dominate the airwaves, the pursuit of Truth, for many,  has become an exercise in idealism.  A seemingly endless sea of talking heads and expert analysis has transformed the duality of true and false into a plurality of opinionated talking points.  To all points of view, there is a leveling of importance that is unfolding in this new paradigm.  Media, Politics and the populace are succumbing to the growing force of this new reality and each of us, is being devalued in the inflation of ideas. Words of leaders, no longer hailed in reverence, and conversely, the masses of under-privileged race to meet their counterparts in a power struggle the  world has never experienced.  In a court once held only by a privileged few, now stands both commoner and king, face to face, speaking with each other within a crowd of shifting beliefs.  A hum of ideas that is paralyzing real thought and stifling the voices of virtue and value.

Yes, it is true, for the first time in history, every person has a chance to voice their ideas and be heard, but as the normalization of power occurs we are faced with a new problem.  Who is telling the Truth? How much of what is being said is spin?  Is there anyone within the crowd whose opinions outweigh the others?  In our search for Truth we find ourselves drowning in a restless current of information that consumes more than it creates.  In this budding world of absolute equality the individual must surrender their individuality to the collective as this normalization of power ensues.  All become equally important and simultaneously equally nonessential in the process.  We all, must inhabit both realms in this new system, significant because the world has deemed it so, and insignificant because the voice of one becomes just another hum in the hive.

As the collective gains power and influence, hierarchy hangs in the gallows, and it is not just the people and those in power choking from the grip of the rope, but also our hierarchy of powerful ideas that are dying at the hands of a faceless crowd.  Truth, Equality, Individuality, Privacy, Justice and Freedom, all are reduced to the hum,  and all are becoming mere memories of a fading Enlightenment. For so long we have hailed these ideals as the pinnacle of human thought and progress, but now they are being sacrificed for the sake of a hive.  Fortunately, when humans are faced with a changing paradigm such as this, or their framework becomes the object of deconstruction, then there is a fight that begins,  a fight for the ideals and beliefs that we hold to be true.

This battle has already begun and although what we battle for has never really changed, the battlefield on the other hand changes by the instant.  The ground under our feet calls out for blood, and it is our choice as to whose blood will be shed in the battle for ideology.  We can either lay down our arms and surrender our beliefs to the sword or fight for our beliefs against the growing confusion of the collective unconscious. We must stand and raise our minds up to the fight for Freedom and Justice.  Let our beliefs not be subdued by the hum of the hive and let us embrace the importance of our individuality in the battle for our minds.

Stand up and Stand out.

Just. B.

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