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-Future Soldier by Michio Kaku

-The Fighter’s Peace with Rickson Gracie

-Jason Silva and the Extended Mind Thesis

-Bill Hicks spits wisdom

-Why Pot makes you feel good

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Materialism to Mysticism: A Journey away from the Scientific

Over the course of our civilization, we have had many advancements in technologies, ways of thinking, and our overall lifestyles.  Although, the common man and woman now enjoy the luxuries of yesterday’s royalty, these are merely luxuries of materialism.  A crumbling facade that we try to fix with a fresh coat of paint, an attempt to feed our fragile ego with precious and prize. We have traded our heroes for gold, our consciousness for mere baubles.  It is true that we have advanced in many ways, but in terms of our emotional development as a species we have become short-tempered children with waning patience.  “Now” is the new mantra and scientific discovery is the shaman.  Science has become the new cult and we fawn over each new discovery as if these lab-coats are our gods.  But, science in all of its achievements and believe me when I say that they are without a doubt amazing,  beautiful and mystifying, has unfortunately sterilized the consciousness of human culture in many ways.  We have exhausted wonder through exemplary explanations about our existence. Through the over-defining of our material existence, our focus has gradually turned away from wonder.  Many of us have stopped asking questions, we have traded curiosity for complacency.  Instead of inquiring about the nature of our existence we have reduced all of nature to a series of over-explained parts.  We have extracted the art and poetry from nature and replaced it with nouns, adjectives, and prose.  Both of these approaches serve us in different ways and are equally important in the course of the ontogeny of human consciousness, but we have become unbalanced in our pursuit for knowledge and it continues to lead us into struggle and strife.

The scientists have served as our investigators and teachers of existence, but we are now seeing with each new discovery that even they themselves are mystified by what they observe.  It is as if the inner-workings of the magician’s tricks become more intricate the more that we learn.  This mystification of science seems to be leading all of us to wonder what really is this all about.  Is our existence numbers and equations, is it devoid of all emotion, a sterilized existence of laws and mathematical expressions?  Or is there more? Can we quantify love? Is art merely an outgrowth of mathematical formulae? A a result of the mystification of the sciences, there would seem to be a revival of myth and mysticism, a new found interest in art and human expression, some sort of drive to a more nature friendly way of living, a return to the roots of our existence. We must seek a new shaman, one that draws us back to the heart.  We must move our focus away from “the consuming” and into “the creation”.  Create that which benefits all, otherwise we become the Ouroboros consuming itself, a sort of parasite consuming the life of it’s host.  Our pursuits of material, have led us through a house of mirrors, each turn more confusing and unfulfilling.  A great house of cards that is now falling under the weight of the winds of change. There is a hidden knowledge that was once known but has been lost.  This hidden truth can be rediscovered, but is found at the end of a different path then the one we have been on.  We must look for new possibility within the confusion of our culture. Discard explanation for wonder and creation.

Create, Share, and Love.

Just. B.

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Welcome to the Dream…

Stars (M. C. Escher)

Stars (M. C. Escher) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


We etch our hearts upon the world, in hopes to be remembered, and you can witness human scrawl from bathroom stalls to cave walls.   Let it all be remembered, from child’s handprints in concrete to skyscrapers on Wall street. Our noetic conceptions spring forth from the enigmatic electrical storms of the synapses of our brains and we paint them across the landscapes of our domain.  Our creations of artistic expression are extensions of our intellect and imagination. We extrude our thoughts into objective reality, and use our tools of noetic expression as a means to enrich our existence.

We are wading in a pool of our creative reflections of the multi-verse. We observe the natural world and use its archetypes as the foundation for our creations. As we reflect upon the multi-verse so too does it reflect our imaginings and express them in intricate patterns within nature. Theoretical physicist James Gates Jr. is finding within the fabric of our universe in the folds of super string equations there is computer code concealed within the cosmos. Another example of how our creations merely mirror that which has already been. An echo, a cosmic vibration that ripples across the abyss. We are living within the lines of an intergalactic mandala of universal consciousness. Welcome to the dream.

The dream that is familiar but distorted and confused. It all depends upon your point of view. We are all attempting to make sense of our existence. What is this all about anyway? Why am I hurling through space strapped to this massive hunk of dirt circling a giant fireball? How does any of this make sense? We are like a bacterial outgrowth of the planet, etching our biological code across the surface of this great planet. Like an enormous ball of clay, we mould and manipulate our environment as a means of letting the cosmos know we are here, and we are beginning to understand the riddles of our perception, like Escher staircases, where up and down all lead back to a single point. Enjoy it while you have it, bathe in the essence of wonder. Welcome to the Dream…

Just. B.

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Transcending the Womb

Fear Graffiti

Fear Graffiti (Photo credit: Michael Kappel)

Many of us hide from the world our best, our most honest, and the most interesting aspects of our personality. We hide from the world out of fear, a fear that paralyzes us into inaction. Instead of choosing that which is the pinnacle of our potential, we instead choose a life of familiarity and indecision. This fear is deep within the crevices of our souls and manifests itself in pivotal decisions in our lives as a sort of safety mechanism. It is a learned response to previous trauma, as a way of protecting us from the unknown. The trauma of being birthed into a world of unfamiliarity. A world full of strange faces, bright lights and the unrevealed. We yearn to return to the womb, the cozy world of invisibility and dependence. Our inaction and indecision, our familiar dependence is the manifestation of our fear, to be seen. I can remember as a child the fear. It was the fear of monsters and ghosts in my closet or under my bed. I can remember waking from terrifying nightmares, paralyzed with fear. Hiding within the folds of my blanket, hoping to not be seen by something out there in my room of shadows. Eventually, I would begin to strain to breathe underneath the weight of the hot blanket. I would crack an opening and feel the cool air pour into my lungs. Slowly gaining the courage I would peer with one eye into the unknown from behind the folds, i would hope the monsters would not catch me in my moment of courage. This courage would begin to build until I would scream out for my Father to rescue me from my fear. I can still recall the elation I would feel as I heard his footsteps draw closer to my bedroom door.

The monsters of the unknown haunt the decisions of our lives. For myself there have been many times in my life that I was faced with great opportunities which required a healthy dose of vulnerability. It required that I take a chance and either fail and make a fool of myself or succeed and achieve greatness. There is always a point of no return that many times paralyzes us into indecision, to stay in the womb of inaction, to hide under our blanket of justifications. In my own life, any time that I chose to not step into the unknown out of fear, I would look back on those decisions believing that my ideas of success were merely childish desires that were unattainable. The truth is, is that we make excuses to mask our fear of failure and success. Our dreams are unattainable, only because we do not transcend from our fears, into the world of the unknown. If we would only pull back the blanket, we would realize that it is just another room. In order for us to achieve we must make a fool of ourselves, be vulnerable, expose our true nature to the world, and only then can we grow as humans. Our monsters are immaterial shadows of our sub-conscious mind presenting us with an infinite amount of reasons why doing nothing is the best practice. There is a good possibility that we all only get one chance at this life, and so it is up to each of us to transcend our indecision and inaction and become our greatest, our most honest and interesting. Become the people we dream to be.

Just. B.

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Love: A Question for the World Citizen


experiencing (Photo credit: yoghaert)

The world this past week following Obama and Biden’s advocacy Of gay marriage has been faced with questions about the true nature of love, and what it means to us all in the 21st century…

Love, is the embrace of your parents, it is that love, that is wholly interested in your happiness and well-being. It is that hug which as you get older, you begin to realize is so precious. We are all longing to connect and feel that unconditional love that we had as children. Love is also a bittersweet battle between ego and compromise. It is a battle which can leave many of us with different views about what love truly is, and how we should express it. We are only mere reflections of our experience and although many of our experiences with love have been unforgetably beautiful, they have also been helter-skelter as well. There are many ways in which we extrude our experiences into the world, and love can manifest itself in a variety of different ways, dependent on our individual experiences.

Some of us, have embraced the unknown and gone headlong into the world of love, while others have reeled from the arena due to the pain and struggle of previous experience, others still, out of fear have tried to place confines upon the nature of love. They have tried to place rules and limits upon the institution of love and marriage in hopes to impress upon the rest of us their worldview. Many times we believe that if everyone adopts our way of living and thinking, this will some how give us confidence about our own choices and beliefs. But, as I have said before our choices and beliefs are mere reflections of our experience and no two are the same. They are a sort of cultural fingerprint upon the soul. It is our uniqueness which is a representation of our beauty, and it is these differences that should be embraced, not shoned. I, and my opinions are of course not the perfect representation of how love should be expressed, but neither is anyone else’s for that matter. We are all stumbling through our existence trying to understand who we are, and at the same time hoping to try and share our experience with another human being along the way.

The act of loving and showing love for another human being should not only be a right but a requirement. In a world riddled with hatred and war, shouldn’t we all be looking for more ways to better our society? How is it we can be so generous with our hatred and disgust but be so stingy when it comes to giving our love to others. In many ways we are misers of our love, holding onto our riches in hopes to find the right person to spend it on. When we find that love, that harkens back to that unconditional love of our parents, shouldn’t we hang onto it for dear life. Should we not be allowed to express it to its utmost expression? Should we really place rules and confines upon the most beautiful of human expressions? How do we reconcile our beliefs in freedom, when we try to place limits on how we are allowed to express our emotions with and for each other? “Love is all you need” as the Beatles sang, it is that which binds us all to each other. We are all the same essence moving within the confines of different “flesh-vehicles” as comedian Joe Rogan so eloquently explains. To love, is to recognize this truth hidden within each other and give our hearts to one another in hopes of creating a better existence. We should all be allowed to take part in the betterment of our society and existence, as well as play a role in the proliferation of the greatest of human expressions.

Just. B.

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