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-Future Soldier by Michio Kaku

-The Fighter’s Peace with Rickson Gracie

-Jason Silva and the Extended Mind Thesis

-Bill Hicks spits wisdom

-Why Pot makes you feel good

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The Wax Weekly

The Wax Weekly is up with:

Pizza Delivering Drones

NSA phone tapping exposed

Portable MRI, Orgasm & sex

Lindsey Graham battles Bloggers

Floating in Infinite

& more…

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The Wax Weekly

The Wax Weekly is up! Drone Strikes on Americans, Anonymous and the Singularity, Computer code written in the Cosmos and it looks like we may be living in a simulation and the Obama administration decides to no longer tell the American Public about future Drone Killings. Get Informed and Be Inspired!

The Search for Self and the Art of Becoming


Photo Credit: Imaginary Foundation

The human condition is a volatile and unforgiving endeavor and for most of us we find ourselves swept into the undulating waves of change.  It is Change which is the only constant for many of us, as we watch the scene, plot and characters of our story evolve in front of our eyes.  We ride upon the violent waters of our life in hopes of climbing the rising tide, but the storm riddled waters remind us of our  mortality and for many this reality can be paralyzing.  The passing scenes and fruitless dreams become the story that we manufacture; it is our attempt to breathe meaning into the dusty corners of our hallways, these meaningless stretches of our existence, soon brought to life with the aid of human imagination.  Our stories become larger with each telling and we become the story that we have woven with our words.  Our memories are no longer remnants of factual evidence but rather become chimeric contrivances of the imagination.  Memory becomes the unintentional lie with which we fabricate our life story.  So what is our Truth? Can we know the truth of our life in memories and dreams?  Can we believe the dreams of a future unwritten and do the memories of an evolving past give us any indication as to the nature of our true self?  This cannot be who we are but rather who we wish to be, these stories assist us in constructing an illusion of self.  Who we are has nothing to do with our past, that is only who we were and can never be again, as the moment has already passed.  Who we are, is what is happening right now.  So who are you?  Are you the person you wish to be? If you must answer by telling the past or dreaming a future, then you have yet to become.  We are all in the act of becoming and who we are has to do with the choices we make.  Become the greatness that you seek and dream only when you sleep, as the present is passing and if left unattended shall become the story at your wake.  Ride the rising tide of your life and pay no attention to the deep waters of despair and dread.  Have the courage to stand, when asked to sit, speak when all are quiet, act as if your life depended on it, because the truth is, it does depend on it.  Every action lays the foundation of your self and it requires only action for you true story to be told.  Let the works of your life create the story that you seek and don’t give in to the resistance, because destiny is not for the weak.

Just. B.

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The Wax Weekly

The Wax Weekly is up! Currency Wars, the U.S. Government kills Aaron Swartz, Spying DVRs, Moonlanding Hoax debate between comedian and astrophysicist & World news from the front lines of the information war…   Get Informed and Be Inspired!!

Welcome to the Dream…

Stars (M. C. Escher)

Stars (M. C. Escher) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


We etch our hearts upon the world, in hopes to be remembered, and you can witness human scrawl from bathroom stalls to cave walls.   Let it all be remembered, from child’s handprints in concrete to skyscrapers on Wall street. Our noetic conceptions spring forth from the enigmatic electrical storms of the synapses of our brains and we paint them across the landscapes of our domain.  Our creations of artistic expression are extensions of our intellect and imagination. We extrude our thoughts into objective reality, and use our tools of noetic expression as a means to enrich our existence.

We are wading in a pool of our creative reflections of the multi-verse. We observe the natural world and use its archetypes as the foundation for our creations. As we reflect upon the multi-verse so too does it reflect our imaginings and express them in intricate patterns within nature. Theoretical physicist James Gates Jr. is finding within the fabric of our universe in the folds of super string equations there is computer code concealed within the cosmos. Another example of how our creations merely mirror that which has already been. An echo, a cosmic vibration that ripples across the abyss. We are living within the lines of an intergalactic mandala of universal consciousness. Welcome to the dream.

The dream that is familiar but distorted and confused. It all depends upon your point of view. We are all attempting to make sense of our existence. What is this all about anyway? Why am I hurling through space strapped to this massive hunk of dirt circling a giant fireball? How does any of this make sense? We are like a bacterial outgrowth of the planet, etching our biological code across the surface of this great planet. Like an enormous ball of clay, we mould and manipulate our environment as a means of letting the cosmos know we are here, and we are beginning to understand the riddles of our perception, like Escher staircases, where up and down all lead back to a single point. Enjoy it while you have it, bathe in the essence of wonder. Welcome to the Dream…

Just. B.

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Transcending the Womb

Fear Graffiti

Fear Graffiti (Photo credit: Michael Kappel)

Many of us hide from the world our best, our most honest, and the most interesting aspects of our personality. We hide from the world out of fear, a fear that paralyzes us into inaction. Instead of choosing that which is the pinnacle of our potential, we instead choose a life of familiarity and indecision. This fear is deep within the crevices of our souls and manifests itself in pivotal decisions in our lives as a sort of safety mechanism. It is a learned response to previous trauma, as a way of protecting us from the unknown. The trauma of being birthed into a world of unfamiliarity. A world full of strange faces, bright lights and the unrevealed. We yearn to return to the womb, the cozy world of invisibility and dependence. Our inaction and indecision, our familiar dependence is the manifestation of our fear, to be seen. I can remember as a child the fear. It was the fear of monsters and ghosts in my closet or under my bed. I can remember waking from terrifying nightmares, paralyzed with fear. Hiding within the folds of my blanket, hoping to not be seen by something out there in my room of shadows. Eventually, I would begin to strain to breathe underneath the weight of the hot blanket. I would crack an opening and feel the cool air pour into my lungs. Slowly gaining the courage I would peer with one eye into the unknown from behind the folds, i would hope the monsters would not catch me in my moment of courage. This courage would begin to build until I would scream out for my Father to rescue me from my fear. I can still recall the elation I would feel as I heard his footsteps draw closer to my bedroom door.

The monsters of the unknown haunt the decisions of our lives. For myself there have been many times in my life that I was faced with great opportunities which required a healthy dose of vulnerability. It required that I take a chance and either fail and make a fool of myself or succeed and achieve greatness. There is always a point of no return that many times paralyzes us into indecision, to stay in the womb of inaction, to hide under our blanket of justifications. In my own life, any time that I chose to not step into the unknown out of fear, I would look back on those decisions believing that my ideas of success were merely childish desires that were unattainable. The truth is, is that we make excuses to mask our fear of failure and success. Our dreams are unattainable, only because we do not transcend from our fears, into the world of the unknown. If we would only pull back the blanket, we would realize that it is just another room. In order for us to achieve we must make a fool of ourselves, be vulnerable, expose our true nature to the world, and only then can we grow as humans. Our monsters are immaterial shadows of our sub-conscious mind presenting us with an infinite amount of reasons why doing nothing is the best practice. There is a good possibility that we all only get one chance at this life, and so it is up to each of us to transcend our indecision and inaction and become our greatest, our most honest and interesting. Become the people we dream to be.

Just. B.

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Evolutionary thought: The Self-Reflecting Universe in Action

Representation of consciousness from the seven...

Representation of consciousness from the seventeenth century. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The human consciousness is accelerating at a breathtaking speed. Our inventions have and are becoming extensions of our conscious mind. We are now able to watch the brain’s neural activity in real-time as the human baby is learning its first words with leading research from scientists like Patricia Kuhl. We are finding glitches in our system, limitations of our evolutionary stage. Unlike any other living being we are self-aware, and this self-awareness is allowing us the ability to see who and what we are, and we are intellectualizing about what we should be and could become.   Scientists predict that we are far away from our next great evolutionary step.  But I think we are knocking on its door, we are out-pacing our own evolution in the sense that we are waiting for the universe’s upgrade.  Natural selection seems to be experiencing a lag time and our self-awareness and the physical manifestations of our creative mind are pushing the boundaries of the natural world. What is more fascinating, is that the more refined our creations are becoming, the more and more they are looking like a complex organism. A social organism who’s greatest achievements are its ability to make tools and mould the natural world much in the same way a child moulds clay.  A microcosm of the macrocosm, the self-reflecting universe that is perpetuating an innate intelligence, and we are a mere outgrowth of the infinitely blooming flower of consciousness.  Geoffrey West of the Santa Fe institute speaks of our cities as having an underlying mathematical order to them, that the citizen is unaware that they are perpetuating in their seemingly spontaneous and unpredictable lives. Maybe, when we experience moments of Deja Vu, we are merely catching a glimpse into the self-replicating experiences of our ordered existence. Much like cymatics where we can visually experience resonating frequencies in liquid and sand, we are now beginning to see the patterns of our mind’s resonant frequencies in the natural world.  Just like with cymatics, when the pitch becomes higher, the geometric patterns in the sand become more complex and ornate.  So too is the resonance of our creativity and our consciousness creating more complex patterns which are becoming ever-increasingly more observable. Our purpose in this life is to dedicate ourselves to that which we are most passionate. We can consider it a call from the universe telling us what part we play in the self-perfecting process of existence.  We are most happy and useful to ourselves and our fellow organisms when we are fulfilling the call. We become the blooming flower, a reflection of the breathtaking beauty of all of existence.

Just. B.

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