About The Wax Podcast

The Wax Podcast is taking on the philosophical questions of our day through everyday conversation in an attempt to give voice to the voiceless. Breathing life into the seemingly lifeless stranger that we pass everyday, I am providing a space to the unsung heroes and heroines of our time that are too often missing from view. I am just the everyday self proclaimed working class hero that is in search of a little inspiration. Faced with the popular culture of the 21st century, which at times seems void of inspiration, I have chosen to set out to find the inspiration that I have been hoping would come knocking at my door but rarely has. We are reaching a breaking point in history which requires that we make a choice. We can either continue on the path of un-inspired bullshit or we can walk the path few choose and return from. This is the road of one’s destiny, a sort of portal into the person you want to be, but never find the time for. The inspiration we search for, has and always will be within ourselves. So it is now that I have decided to use my life experience as a springboard to connect with people from all corners of society on a search for inspiration. It is an attempt to document our story- the human story, that can go unnoticed in the hustle of life. Each of us has a story to tell and each story has many characters. It is these characters that I am interested in talking to, in an attempt to give voice to the faces in the crowd. I have began this search by talking to those who I know, or at least I think I know best. I hope to get an inside look into the lives of the faceless heroes that drive society.


Just. B.


3 comments on “About The Wax Podcast

  1. ‘We are reaching a breaking point in history which requires that we make a choice.’
    Yes dude! society is at a cusp and we’re all desperately reaching out for spiritual understanding because the dogmas of structured religion are quickly deteriorating and a new revolution of thought and politics and society is brewing and everyone is still lost at this point and this is the generation that’s going to do it kick to life the fires of youth and pull the questions of existence together like gluing a shattered mirror so we can all truly see what reflects. Peace man.


  2. sakhile livepoet says:

    I wanna learn more about tis blog


    • justinblush says:

      Thank you for checking out the blog. This blog is a partner to an upcoming podcast which I am currently developing. Keep checking back or follow the blog for updates concerning the podcast and a weekly post. You can also get blog and show updates on my twitter feed @justin_blush Thanks again for the interest! Please let me know if you have a blog yourself, as I am always interested in hearing another point of view. -Justin Blush


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