Food, Politics, and the March Against Monsanto


The seeds of a multi-billion dollar corporate coupe de tat have been sown in the fields of our political landscape. Our government, bought by an industry that continues to feed poison to the masses, while our leaders feed lies to the People. The poisoning of our environment, our food, and now our politics is at the hands of Monsanto, the Agricultural Biotech giant who is responsible for one of the world’s largest supplies of genetically modified organisms and genetically engineered seed products. Providing some of the largest food companies in the world with these genetically engineered products, including household names such as Coca-Cola, General Mills, Nabisco, and others. Monsanto has long been a source of criticism and controversy due to the unsavory tactics it adopts while fighting family owned farms and grass roots food producers over ownership rights of their engineered seeds. In addition to their bullying of small time suppliers, and producing GMO’s they are also known for their infamous products like DDT and Agent Orange, both of which have had devastating effects on humans and the environment with no initial oversight.

In March of this year, bill  H.R. 933  also known as the Monsanto Protection Act written by Monsanto Sponsored Senator Roy Blunt, was signed into law by President Obama, and as the ink stained the page, so too would our long legacy of upholding the Law and Justice also be stained, once again by the hands of the  corrupted. So now with the signing of this bill, Monsanto finds themselves in another firestorm of controversy surrounding the new law which protects them and their farmers from litigation, if adverse health effects stem from their engineered products. Given the track record of poisons made by Monsanto and the devastation it has previously caused the world, it is extremely irresponsible for our government to now allow this company to continue producing new products without government oversight and the fear of legal repercussions.   H.R.933 is just another example in a long list of corporate driven bills that have passed the desks of our leaders in an attempt to give unnecessary protections to multi-billion dollar corporations, against the will of the People.

“We the People” continue to lose out to the Way of the Profit.  Perpetual Progress continues to hold the reigns of a world which consists of limited resources and unlimited desires, with profit-hungry companies like Monsanto continuing to push science towards a world of abundance.  Although the abundance they seek, is in direct contrast to the interests and the will of the People. To answer the call, the People’s growing voice of dissent has caught the ears of at least one politician who attempted this week on Thursday to repeal the measure in H.R. 933 that grants Monsanto and others this unwarranted protection.  Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon offered an amendment to the bill which was immediately halted by Monsanto employee-Senator Blunt and others.  In addition to the failing amendment the U.S. Senate has just shot down a bill to label GMO foods, a measure that has been adopted by Europe, Brazil, Australia and many others. Our government continues to show its favor for the will of the corporation over the will of the people, further illustrating a greater problem that is growing throughout the world. It is the problem of corporate-controlled dictatorship-style governance which has become a poison to the global political landscape.

So in response to this growing problem over 200,000 in 40 countries will gather this weekend to protest against the food giant and stand up against corporate despotism.  We must all join the effort against these titans and show our support for a change in how our food is produced.  We must also begin to represent ourselves instead of allowing politicians to represent corporate interests.  So Stand and Be Heard!  March Against Monsanto at your local city hall today May 25th, 2013 at 2pm EST.  Join the Movement!

Just. B.

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