The Information War and the Struggle between Peasants and Kings

A king piece in chess, with three pawns.

A king piece in chess, with three pawns. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A resurrection of the Kings of old has begun the world over, as a struggle for power ensues.  The rising tide of the people is coming ever-closer to the shores of  a once unreachable court.  But now common peasants hold court with Kings in the magnificent cyber-structures of a new revolution. There is a growing unrest from the masters to the masses, and the voices of the people will not be silenced.  Presidents and Prime Ministers alike race to close the gates on an information revolution that is storming the castle walls.  The Anonymous keystrokes of a dissatisfied youth can now have the power to bring nations to their knees.  Warfare, is swiftly moving from the battlefields, to the neural networks of a computer interface, and the governments of old struggle to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of a technology that they helped to create.   But, the cat is out of the bag and the people are beginning to realize that their leaders are frauds and frontmen for a corporate controlled money and power grab.  But power is soon to be the product of information more so than a product of wealth.  The business model of the globe is rapidly changing and the word on the street holds more value now than debates held in the stuffy chambers of an archaic governing class.  The Media, once a medium between governments and their subjects is now evolving into a platform for the people to speak their peace. We the citizens of the world are moving into a future that will include the crowd-sourcing of leadership, the real-time streaming of public opinion and citizen voting, and the creation of laws that mirror the will of the people rather than the will of a dying oligarchy.

This new future of course will not come without a fight, as our leaders are beginning to use Executive orders, drone strikes, and indefinite detention as instruments of control against their citizens.  As their stranglehold on the power structure begins to whither and wane, their will to hang on to their control will inevitably become increasingly more powerful and their attempts more desperate.  The People’s saving grace will be their hunger for the  Truth, their dreams of righteous leadership and their realization of the true meaning of freedom.  It is the freedom to know and teach, the freedom to listen and speak, and the freedom to be active participants in the shaping of their own reality.  The days of intermediaries and representatives are coming to a close and the new revolution of information is giving rise to a leadership that can be found on the streets of commoners. An enlightened peasantry, undoing the shackles of oppression and becoming the leaders that they for so long have been searching for.  So Stand and Fight for your Freedom to Be.

Just. B.

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6 comments on “The Information War and the Struggle between Peasants and Kings

  1. usapeis says:

    I like all of your ideas in this article. I am not quite so optimistic that the commoner will receive more justice and I believe that when kings clash they leave little for the commoners. Hope you will look in on my blog too


  2. genomega1 says:

    Reblogged this on News You May Have Missed and commented:
    The Information War and the Struggle between Peasants and Kings


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