Freedom & the Hidden Heroic: When Slaves Become Free

Chain expressing freedom

Freedom. Do we derive our freedom from document or deity. Does our freedom have a cost or does it require control. If freedom requires such control, then is it true freedom? We are bombarded with symbolic violence which perpetuates psychological, emotional, and political debts to a state that was originally designed to serve the people. Instead, control tactics and game theory are leashed upon the masses. Should freedom be limited to certain aspects of our lives or is it something universal? Free-speech zones, designated press areas, police brutality, and the like, give us a clear look into the life of a “free” citizen. Do we really need someone else to tell us we have freedom, or are we bright enough to grasp it ourselves? We are treated as perpetual children within the confines of a play pen of political pageantry. So called leaders which consist of cheats, liars, and ruthless businessmen look at us as numbers on a page. We are a series of producers and consumers that apparently require constant management. Let it be understood We are human too, maybe more human than most of you. We want to live free lives no longer told what to do. You regulate our lives as if you have all the answers. We are told what to eat, what to do, what drugs we can take, how to make money, what to do with our money, what to say, what to think, how to speak and to whom we should speak our ideas to. The list goes on and on, and with no end in sight. The Legislative branch has become a business sold to the highest bidder. The question is how many laws are too many? When will we have had enough? We no longer have representatives “of the people” and “for the people”, but rather corporation spokesmen and women, whores of corporate money, manipulating the system to increase corporate profits. If a company provides bad service, you boycott to make an impression, but when government makes bad decisions you flock to the polls. As long as we continue to play the game, we will be under the control of a government that has lost touch with its constituents. Hypothetically speaking, if no one voted and “we the people” boycotted the system, the system would be forced to tell the truth. The true leaders would come out from behind the veil, to announce who the new elect would be. The truth is, is that our vote is mere illusion, and corporatism is the new law of the land. If we want true freedom, we must become sovereign minds that understand the law far better than our corporate magicians and dismantle the grip of corporate greed. We must disregard our emotional responses to media middle men and their “three card monte” and logically dissect the body of law with which we are immersed, extracting the sickness that lies within. The stars of the enlightenment attempted to empower future people with the notion that freedom is not abstraction, but absolute. We must educate ourselves and become our own leaders, and stop hoping that our dreams can be achieved under another person’s care. We are the heroes that we look for, the hidden heroic, the leaders, led by the lesser. It is time we stand up and lead ourselves. No longer be led, but lead, stop being fed and be freed. Only then can slaves be free…

Just. B.

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One comment on “Freedom & the Hidden Heroic: When Slaves Become Free

  1. nishanil says:

    Deficiency is beauty, insanity is genius and it is healthier to be very bizarre than totally mind-numbing.


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