Materialism to Mysticism: A Journey away from the Scientific

Over the course of our civilization, we have had many advancements in technologies, ways of thinking, and our overall lifestyles.  Although, the common man and woman now enjoy the luxuries of yesterday’s royalty, these are merely luxuries of materialism.  A crumbling facade that we try to fix with a fresh coat of paint, an attempt to feed our fragile ego with precious and prize. We have traded our heroes for gold, our consciousness for mere baubles.  It is true that we have advanced in many ways, but in terms of our emotional development as a species we have become short-tempered children with waning patience.  “Now” is the new mantra and scientific discovery is the shaman.  Science has become the new cult and we fawn over each new discovery as if these lab-coats are our gods.  But, science in all of its achievements and believe me when I say that they are without a doubt amazing,  beautiful and mystifying, has unfortunately sterilized the consciousness of human culture in many ways.  We have exhausted wonder through exemplary explanations about our existence. Through the over-defining of our material existence, our focus has gradually turned away from wonder.  Many of us have stopped asking questions, we have traded curiosity for complacency.  Instead of inquiring about the nature of our existence we have reduced all of nature to a series of over-explained parts.  We have extracted the art and poetry from nature and replaced it with nouns, adjectives, and prose.  Both of these approaches serve us in different ways and are equally important in the course of the ontogeny of human consciousness, but we have become unbalanced in our pursuit for knowledge and it continues to lead us into struggle and strife.

The scientists have served as our investigators and teachers of existence, but we are now seeing with each new discovery that even they themselves are mystified by what they observe.  It is as if the inner-workings of the magician’s tricks become more intricate the more that we learn.  This mystification of science seems to be leading all of us to wonder what really is this all about.  Is our existence numbers and equations, is it devoid of all emotion, a sterilized existence of laws and mathematical expressions?  Or is there more? Can we quantify love? Is art merely an outgrowth of mathematical formulae? A a result of the mystification of the sciences, there would seem to be a revival of myth and mysticism, a new found interest in art and human expression, some sort of drive to a more nature friendly way of living, a return to the roots of our existence. We must seek a new shaman, one that draws us back to the heart.  We must move our focus away from “the consuming” and into “the creation”.  Create that which benefits all, otherwise we become the Ouroboros consuming itself, a sort of parasite consuming the life of it’s host.  Our pursuits of material, have led us through a house of mirrors, each turn more confusing and unfulfilling.  A great house of cards that is now falling under the weight of the winds of change. There is a hidden knowledge that was once known but has been lost.  This hidden truth can be rediscovered, but is found at the end of a different path then the one we have been on.  We must look for new possibility within the confusion of our culture. Discard explanation for wonder and creation.

Create, Share, and Love.

Just. B.

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