Welcome to the Dream…

Stars (M. C. Escher)

Stars (M. C. Escher) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


We etch our hearts upon the world, in hopes to be remembered, and you can witness human scrawl from bathroom stalls to cave walls.   Let it all be remembered, from child’s handprints in concrete to skyscrapers on Wall street. Our noetic conceptions spring forth from the enigmatic electrical storms of the synapses of our brains and we paint them across the landscapes of our domain.  Our creations of artistic expression are extensions of our intellect and imagination. We extrude our thoughts into objective reality, and use our tools of noetic expression as a means to enrich our existence.

We are wading in a pool of our creative reflections of the multi-verse. We observe the natural world and use its archetypes as the foundation for our creations. As we reflect upon the multi-verse so too does it reflect our imaginings and express them in intricate patterns within nature. Theoretical physicist James Gates Jr. is finding within the fabric of our universe in the folds of super string equations there is computer code concealed within the cosmos. Another example of how our creations merely mirror that which has already been. An echo, a cosmic vibration that ripples across the abyss. We are living within the lines of an intergalactic mandala of universal consciousness. Welcome to the dream.

The dream that is familiar but distorted and confused. It all depends upon your point of view. We are all attempting to make sense of our existence. What is this all about anyway? Why am I hurling through space strapped to this massive hunk of dirt circling a giant fireball? How does any of this make sense? We are like a bacterial outgrowth of the planet, etching our biological code across the surface of this great planet. Like an enormous ball of clay, we mould and manipulate our environment as a means of letting the cosmos know we are here, and we are beginning to understand the riddles of our perception, like Escher staircases, where up and down all lead back to a single point. Enjoy it while you have it, bathe in the essence of wonder. Welcome to the Dream…

Just. B.

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