Turmoil, R-evolution, & The Change

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Watch, Speak, Change… (Photo credit: kevindean)

We the People are incrementally losing our power at the hands of the wealthy Wall street swindlers, corrupt corporations and their political front men, who work tirelessly to strip every citizen of their rights, wealth, and privacy. Between banker bailouts and unconstitutional law-making, our government is slowly becoming a breeding ground for more corruption and the possibility of future tyranny. The Patriot Act was the first to blatantly strip American citizens of their Constitutional rights under George W. Bush’s watch, with its unconstitutional surveillance provisions. Recently, President Obama and others have taken this a step further with the signing of the NDAA, which allows the U.S. government to detain U.S. citizens indefinitely with no trial and no evidence.  We have TSA naked body scanners, and soon police departments and government agencies will have the legal right to fly unmanned drones to spy on the American people. There was once a time when our representative government bridged the gap between the people and their leaders, but that time has passed. We now are faced with a new era of “taxation without representation.” Albert Pike in the opening paragraph of his Magnus Opus Morals & Dogma explained that the people are much like gunpowder scattered across a field, that when lit, merely fizzles. He said that it was up to the guardians of society to pack the gunpowder into a small chamber, only then could the people’s power be at its fullest potential. It was this explosion of power, he said that drove real changes within society. Much like the alchemist believes that fire is the element of change, right now we are witnessing all of society ablaze with anger, frustration, and discontent. A new revolution is on the horizon, and it is my belief that, this new revolution hinges upon our continued ability to access information freely. The Internet and our ability to access, distribute, and consume information is the greatest development of human consciousness in our history. This new freedom is currently under attack, and a new struggle is underway, it is a struggle between the common man and woman and those that are in power who are fighting for the control of the information and knowledge. In a world of no privacy and full transparency, it is only right that We the People require the same transparency from those that supposedly rule us. We must keep a close watch on our politicians and law-makers, as we are on the fron lines of a great battle.

This attack upon the Internet and the freedom of information with SOPA, PIPA, TTP, etc. shows that our leaders do not want us to take part in the revolution of information, but instead want to own the airwaves and control what is said, read, and seen. We refuse your ownership, this is no longer the domain of an economic elite, but rather the domain of all humans. The internet provides a level playing ground for all who contribute and consume. It is a court for the prince and pauper to share common ground, it is human freedom in action, and it requires all involved to do their best to protect it. The great thinkers of the Age of Enlightenment in all their achievements could not have foreseen the troubles of our time. This of course does not imply we disregard that which has brought us thus far, but rather utilize what they contributed to mankind as our foundation for the free thought of the future.  Isaac Newton once said that the reason for his achievements was due to his ability to stand upon the shoulders of giants. We now stand upon the shoulders of giants, so it is up to us to decide what we do with such a place in history. Do we withdraw into the shadows of our fear and complacency, or do we stand to the call and work together as a unified movement fighting for our ability to access the dirty, raw and unforgiving truth. It is my hope that we all stand watch and squelch the flame that the guardians wish to light. We the People have the power to drive our own social change, and no longer do we need to be the pawns of princes and presidents.  Instead we must take our place of power as the One and the many, the individual and the collective, and use our voice as the catalyst for change. A change in humanity that gives equal precedence to all that speak, and champions only those who contribute to all of society, instead of those that hawk and hunt the meek. The World is ours to shape, but we must fight for our freedom to shape it, and work to shape a World of Equality and Justice.

Watch, Speak, Change.

Just. B.


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