Formlessness: A Path to Ambiguity

We spend most of our lives pigeon-holing ourselves into many different groups and organizations. In our search for solidarity we compromise our beliefs, ideals, and traditions in order to fit in with the group. Musical likes, sports teams, political parties, religious beliefs, etc. all draw us into a process which we believe to be benevolent. In many cases we find ourselves agreeing with ideologies that we would otherwise despise, but because the mob consumes us and our emotions, we become individuals with a thousand faces. It is no wonder that when we are isolated in a sea of silence, we squirm under the scrutiny of the microscope of our own conscious mind. We become subject to the reflection of our own choices. Many people run from the silence in hopes to not catch a glimpse into the looking glass of their soul. Formalism becomes their refuge, a place where they can justify their actions by looking at others for validation. We begin to pass over from individuality and formlessness into conformity and allow ourselves to become what we believe others wish us to be. No longer are our choices our own, because those choices become offerings to the group in an attempt to receive praise. We become slaves to our perceptions about the world instead of being true to our nature.

A great friend once told me to be formless, to be a renaissance man, to become like a color. To explain color requires

the fourth blot of the Rorschach inkblot test

the fourth blot of the Rorschach inkblot test (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

that you show things in the world that resemble that color, so the color itself becomes the archetype and everything else merely shares its attributes. For example many things can be described as being yellow, but how exactly do we define the color yellow? It is bright, it is a color, a lemon is yellow, etc. but all these ideas do not clearly convey what the color yellow is, but still somehow we understand what it is none the less. This is what it means to be formless, do not let yourself be defined by the group, nor be formed by our choices, or the things we own but rather let those around you search for the right words to describe you. Let them struggle to pigeon-hole you into a particular group or idea. Let the world be defined by you instead of the world defining you. Cross from conformity to ambiguity, an ineffable representation of your self. Materialize your archetype, be vulnerable and place your ideas and creativity out for all the world to embrace. We can only be held back by the hands of our own fears but the Truth is so much more enticing than the facade, but it requires courage. Courage that tears us from the prison of our perceptions and releases us into the unknown, that which we cannot control or conform. Formlessness our path to ambiguity.
Just. B.

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5 comments on “Formlessness: A Path to Ambiguity

  1. I try to find the balance between compromising my principles and the positive interaction of those around me. In order to do so I find a short of flexible essentialism, or absurdist, perspective very helpful.


  2. asjellis says:

    Great post. I enjoyed the sentiment and thinking of this piece. It makes me ponder, no matter how much we try to escape form, it’s an impossibility. Everything is born from the system we live in. For example, no art is original because it has been created from tools that belong to the very system that art, often times, strives to escape. Does that make sense? We can include thoughts in that too. How about emotions? Everything is assimilated back into the system sooner or later. Form, which is dictated by the system, pervades, shapes, and reinvents us. I don’t think there is such a thing as ambiguity. We are nodes in a system, right?


    • justinblush says:

      Yes, I believe we seem to be merely nodes in a system, but I believe it is possible to transcend our indoctrination by becoming aware of it and in turn externalizing it. It then becomes an object for us to define rather than something which defines us. Moving away from form, I guess.


  3. […] Formlessness: A Path to Ambiguity ( […]


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