Limits of infinity: the poetic meanderings of a dreamer

We as humans try to place boundaries upon the boundless, in an attempt to understand the true nature of reality.  Our attempts to limit the infinite nature of our universe, leaves our perception in a perpetual state of conflict.  It is this conflict that assists in the creative nature of our being.   Just as a picture captures an increasingly forgettable moment of our experience, so too, do our definitions and distinctions concerning our existence fall flat in terms of properly conceptualizing the ever-changing textures of our reality.  But it is through our language that we manifest our thoughts from the ether of our unconscious into the patterned structures of our conscious mind so as to limit the infinite and bring our ideas into reality.  It would seem though that our thoughts are reaching an event horizon, where the limitations that we have grown accustomed to placing upon the world are dissolving and our ability to distinguish the boundary and the boundless is beginning to blur.  Our intellect is pressing against the interiors of the intellectual superstructures of our mind.  We are beginning to become aware on a global scale to the limitlessness that we now see on the horizon of our unconscious mind.  This limitlessness that we once could only materialize through language is now manifesting itself within our reality and no longer can our language wall in and conceal our reflection.  Instead we will strain to find the right words to explain our experience and we will drift into an ineffable abyss of our minds creation. The Dream…

Just. B.

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