Hour of humility

Following surgery the other day on my face I was required to keep this giant bandage in the middle of my forehead for the entire day.  This would have been okay if I could hide away in my room for the whole day, but unfortunately I was scheduled for a presentation that afternoon in front of a class of 30.  It is funny how having a bandage on your arm is socially acceptable but when it is on your face everyone treats you like the elephant man. Despite the embarrassment I took a chance and welcomed the humility.  Upon my  arrival to the class the teacher asked me what had happened, not realizing how ridiculous it sounded, I said “I had a minor surgery this morning.” Which quickly a student in the class yelled “What??  you had surgery this morning?”.  I explained to the class “that presenting in front of a class of 30 wasn’t nearly nerve-wrecking enough, so I decided to put this giant bandage on my face to make it more interesting.”   Just as  I said that, I sat on a barstool at the head of the class which swiftly rolled out from under me and I went flying into the white board.  Of course laughter followed this ridiculous scene, it was at this point that I realized that I was at the pinnacle of humility for the day and anything after this would be easy to deal with.  All in all, I feel I handled it well and it helped me break the ice and luckily not a leg.  If I am to be honest – I love the attention and it is good to be humbled on occasion.

Just. B.

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