Perpetual Progress

Society’s misguided need for perpetual progress propels people, corporations, and organizations towards the path of deceptive practices just to feed the monster.  The reason that we have Anonymous, The Occupy Movement, 9-11 truthers, etc. no matter what your feeling is about them, is that those deceptive practices which the drivers of society and popular culture employ, have reached a  point which requires action on the part of the people.  Until the people feel the tide of deception roll back, they will continue to provide new and improved ways to perpetuate the truth and express their concern for their fellow man.  There has never been a time in history where the people weilded such an enormous amount of power.  This power stems from the free flow of information which the collective is capable of discerning the truth straight out of the ether of their minds.  We stand on the precipice of a new world, not a new world dictated to us by archaic governmental organizations that the age of enlightenment provided us with, that has worked  until now.  But instead a new world where the collective chooses their laws and regulations in real time.  A world that does not need representatives to represent the masses, but instead the masses will represent eachother in a mass movement.  The governments of the world are already feeling the push of the new organism of political freedom.

Just. B.

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4 comments on “Perpetual Progress

  1. Jonathan Plumb says:

    Very well said sir!


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