What to do…

Everyday seems to drive me closer and closer to the realization that I need to be doing what I love to do.  Problem is, I have not yet decided what that thing is.  A friend of mine has told me to not think of what you should do, but rather- just do.  There is plenty of time to reel back from an impending failure but in the meantime don’t dwell on the possibility of a failed attempt.  To do, is an absolutely terrifying notion which at times leaves me paralyzed with fear.  I am always amazed by the unbridled courage that some people have in the face of trying situations.  There seems to be a continuous sense of urgency in those people who make blind decisions through adversity.  It is that same sense of urgency that I am feeling right now.  It is the need to leave a legacy greater than a blood relative.  A need for immortality through the achievment of the Great Work.  It is time for me to carve out a place for my spirit to dwell.  This is the goal. Now if I could just figure out what I love to do…

Just. B.

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